The Right to be Forgotten

About this project

This project is based on a Europe wide cross border investigation of the impact of Right to be Forgotten on the media. Over the past few months we have been finding out how one of the most obscure processes taking place in the internet works. We have delivered some answers which have prompted new questions. In the following weeks, we will publish several articles analysing the results of our investigation across different European media.

As the Right to be Forgotten is an open issue, which will be gaining momentum in the future as more and more people are concerned about the pros and cons of living online, we will be to keeping an eye on its evolution.

If you have a story, a complaint or data to share with us regarding deindexing or the Right to be Forgotten, we are happy to hear from you. You can write to us via this form or to the following email .

All the information supplied will be anonymous.

The team behind the Right to be Forgotten:

Adrián Blanco

Adrián is a data journalist at the Data unit of the Spanish newspaper El Confidencial. He also runs Journocoders Madrid.

Marian Maani

Is an Estonian journalist working for a national weekly newspaper Eesti Ekspress. She mostly writes about social affairs, human rights and works on data journalism projects.

Markus Hametner

Data Journalist for, co-founder of Forum Informationsfreiheit, an organization lobbying for Freedom of Information in Austria

Zoltan Siposs

Journalist and founder of Átlátszó Erdély, an investigative journalism NGO in Transylvania, Romania and a regional correspondent for Index on Censorship. 2016 Marshall Memorial Fellow.

Journalism ++ Porto

Ana Isabel Carvalho and Ricardo Lafuente run the Porto branch of the Journalism++ agency network since 2014, focusing on visual translations of data and tools for data based storytelling.

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